Our Service

Our Service

We provide the following service

There are a lot of professional translator who have enough experience about translation service. We provide certified translation service near me. 

Document translation

All kind of documents translation and attestation service in online by professional translator in Dhaka.

Attested Document

Your required documents are attested from various departments ‍and mission and home delivery.

Legalization by Embassy

Proper legalization of your documents from various foreign embassies. It is our aid services.


Providing necessary translation notarization and consultation to properly authenticate your documents.

Translation Service Dhaka
Translation by professional translator

We provide services in almost all languages of the world as like-

English to Bangla

English to Bangla is our basic work in translation service. Sometime English book have to be needed for translation into Bangla language near me. 

Bangla to English

Bangla to English translation service have to need for Bengali documents as like Marriage certificate, Birth certificate, NID card and Trade licence. 

How much does it cost to pay for translation service?

Finally we declare an affordable translation service cost for all customer. As many customers find low-cost translation services, their translation service quality is very poor. Please see the following translation price and contact us to take online translation and attestation service near me. 

We charge per word for book and literature translation. Finally we fixed 0.10 to 0.20 USD per word for book and literature translation. 

Usually the cost of translation is determined according to the demand of the translator. There are different quality translations whose quality of work varies. So the cost of translation is determined based on the quality of the translation.