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Translation Service Dhaka Bangladesh provides document attestation and language translation service near me.  English to Bengali and Bengali to English and other language certified translation service in Dhaka such as Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish language etc. We translate all type documents as like marriage certificate, Birth certificate, Death Certificate, Vaccine Card, NID Card, Passport Copy, Educational Document, Visa and embassy related all documents and translation of big commercial & industrial project. Translation Service Dhaka is the best and authentic translation agency in Bangladesh. We provide professional translation service near me.

Translation Service

All type of language translation service and home delivery. Popular language Bengali, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish and more then 80+ language are translated here and door to door delivery.

Attestation Service

Document attestation aid service from various Govt. department and foreign embassy in Dhaka Bangladesh. As like Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate, Educational Certificate and others necessity documents.


We provide consulting about document translation & attestation. Advice is provided on Student Visa Documentation, Immigration, Execution of Political Asylum Paper in Abroad and Advice to Foreigners on Bangladesh.

Notary Public and Attestation aid Service

Translation Service in Dhaka
Translation Service

Tax & Immigration Lawyer with Notary Public whole of Bangladesh

Company Law and Corporate Legal Advisor in Bangladesh ।। Best Company lawyer in Bangladesh. Asset valuation by CA Firm ।। Property valuation and Financial support declaration for student visa.  Asset valuation by CA Firm ।। Property valuation and Financial support declaration for student visa
Affidavit of financial support/Sponsorship/property Valuation
Property Valuation For Visa & Immigration Purpose
Proof of education or a student loan from a bank. Bank statements from the last four months. An official bank draft whose currency can be converted to Canadian dollars. Proof of payment for your tuition.

Common Language Translation Service Dhaka

Bangla to English

English to Bangla

Bangla to Arabic

Arabic to Bangla

Bangla to Italian

Italina to Bangla

Bangla to Chinese

Chinese to Bangla

Demand Our Professional Translation Service

Professional translation service by certified translator and online service including home delivery globally.

Translation Service in Dhaka
Translation & attestation aid service

You never know when you or your business may need linguistic support. Therefore, it is important to have a language service provider that you can trust. That’s where Global Language Service Dhaka comes in. Our document translation and attestation aid service are reliable, fast and economical. We strive to provide the best services to our clients. We provide up to date information about their documents.

We have to determine to provide the best and quick translation service to our customer. It affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best translation service of the facility.

If you entrust us with critical tasks that may make or break your trip, it is our prime duty to make sure that your work is completed with the given time and in the best way possible. This is how we keep our clients coming back to us time and again.

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Visa, immigration and embassy related all documents translation and attestation aid service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Contact us to take online translation service with home delivery.
Translation Service
It is the kind of document conversion that is related to commercial and administrative documents of business capital. The process can be carried out for in-organization purposes or for out of organization causes.
Translation Service
Legal documents are converted for various law-related reasons and generally require attestation of the translated document. Certified translators are required for this type of language conversion.
translator service in Dhaka
As the name suggests, this section consists of the conversion of any text or content that is related to literature. Poems, novels and novellas, blogs, and many others are the types of literature material that are translated.
Translation Service
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