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Bengali translator

Bengali translator ।। Arabic translators।। বাংলা অনুবাদ।। আরবি অনুবাদ।। There are a lot of professional translator

Bengali translator translates in this translation service  dhaka in Bangladesh. There are huge professional translator in here. We provide all kinds of language translation service by professional and native bangla translator. Although Bengla language translation is an exceptional translation center. It is not easy to translate without native bangla translator. So we use bangla native translator for bangla document translation.

What is the best Bengali translation service

Although there are many translation centers in Bangladesh, Translation Center is the best company for Bengali language translation. It is not only a bengali translation center but also a document attestation and legalization aid service.  We provide online translation service and home delivery. And the cost of translation is relatively low here. We try to provide comfortable service to customers.

bengali translator
bengali translator

Our translation service area

Basically our translation service area is based on Bengali and English translation. Although we translate Bengali and English, we are equally proficient in other languages as well. Besides my Bengali and English, I also translate other languages. We also provide Chinese and Japanese language translation service by professional and native translator.  Our service area is wide but we mainly take Bangla English and English Bangla translation service as our main service.

What type of documents we translate

We translate all type of documents by out professional translator and native bangla translator in Bangladesh. Generally the documents we translate are:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Nikah nama
  • Birth certificate
  • NID card
  • Academic certificate and marksheet
  • Legal document as like Court bardic and judgment
  • Biography
  • Property valuation
  • Affidavit

The above mentioned documents are translated and home delivery. In addition to translation we provide attestation and legalization ‍service in Bangladesh. So welcome to  our client in our faithfully and  authentic service.

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