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Bangla translate

The Bangla translate service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Bangla translate and language service in Dhaka Bangladesh is the most useful and authentic service provider. According to the traditional rules of Bengali language, conversion from another language to Bengali is called translation. GLS or Translation Service Dhaka are the most popular and faithful translation service of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The translation service is the based in Dhaka Bangladesh. It is a unique creation in Bengali translation. We translate Bengali language very accurately. You can take our translation service from every corner of the world. We provide this translation service online to our customers.

Bengali translation service in Dhaka Bangladesh

Bangla translate is a Bengali translation service agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide translation, attestation and legalization service in Dhaka. Translate google is not human translation service.  Our translation service is totally  by human translator.  Google Translate is sometimes called  g translation. It is a software based translation service. This is very famous in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

What is the best and authentic translate from Bengali

Bengali language is our mother tongue. So it is very easy for us to translate from Bengali language. We mainly base our translation center on Bengali language. Our basic languages are English and Bengali. We provide not only translation service but also attestation and legalization service in Dhaka. As well as online translation and home delivery service. Although we base this translation center on Bengali language, we have experience in translating all languages.

What kind of documents are translated from here

We provide all type of documents and language translation service from here as like as Arabic, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other language.  Documents related to translation are as follows-

  1. Translation service of Birth Certificate
  2. NID cared translation and notary
  3. Marriage certificate and Nikahnama
  4. Land Deed Bangla to English
  5. Asset Valuation
  6. Financial support for visa or embassy
  7. Police Clearance
  8. Unmarried Certificate



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